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kiosk software references, reference letters for kiosk software solutions and kiosk design Reference Letters From Past Clients

Please take the time to review some of the comments written by some of our past clients.

Complete customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and nothing showcases our goal better than letters written by our customers.

As we discussed, the New York State Senate is very pleased with Kiosk-In-A-Box. It's proven ideal for some of our non-programmers to rapidly develop custom kiosk solutions for special events. Currently we have three booths that are rotated among state and county fairs that use Kiosk-In-A-Box to deliver general information, video clips, database lookups (such as "Who is my Senator?"), and surveys. I've attached a photo of one of the booths. Kiosk-In-A-Box is proven amazingly flexible and rock-solid; we've experienced no software crashes or lock-ups!

We're also very happy with Rocky Mountain Multimedia. We appreciate the custom programming you did for us last year to add a couple features to Kiosk-In-A-Box. And we look forward to slowly growing our use of Kiosk-In-A-Box.

Jim Bell
Director, Senate Technology Services
New York State Senate
Albany, New York 12247

FANTASTIC! Awesome! This looks great! Can't wait to show the head coach!

Chris Allen
University of North Carolina
Director of Video and Computer Operations for Football
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for providing us kiosk software. We were struggling with developing an information kiosk for our library when I came across your site and found out about this great product. In less than a month we had a workable kiosk. The program was very easy to use -- yet it offered a lot of exceptional features. Thank you for developing this program.

Leanne Strum
Systems Librarian
Regent University Library
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

This software is great. I recommend this software to everyone that I have been in contact with who are interested in developing kiosks.

Doug English
Victory Church
Lakeland Florida

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" is incredible. It is the program everyone that is developing a touchscreen application should use. The program is very easy to use but in the same sense very powerful.

In just a few days I developed a methamphetamine information kiosk containing over 90 screens that incorporate videos, sound clips and many different graphics. One feature that stands out is the usage tracking ability, to be able to look at how many times a screen has been accessed and at what time is very powerful information. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg as far as the features incorporated into the program but am anxious to incorporate more features into future applications.

The support I have received from Dave at Rocky Mountain Multimedia has been outstanding, any question that the documentation doesn't answer (which are very few and far between) has been answered quickly, his help in the ordering of the program was great, and you can't beat free upgrades on the Internet.

For those who hate programming, like me, this is definitely the program for you, all you need is a little imagination and immediately you can start putting your content into your application.

LT Chuck Connors
Iowa National Guard Counterdrug Task Force

First, I wanted to say how great the Kiosk-in-a-Box software is. I'm developing a kiosk for a museum and looked at a number of software packages. I downloaded Kiosk-in-a-box about a month ago and think it's the BEST kiosk software out there.

James Callahan
American Musuem of Natural History NYC

In a world filled with mediocrity, especially in the computer software industry, Rocky Mountain Multimedia has proven itself time and time again as a shining example of product and service excellence. Not only is Kiosk-in-a-Box the best kiosk software I have ever seen, but the service behind it is second to none. Everything I asked for, I received. Dave Heyliger has made a personal commitment to continuous improvement of Kiosk-in-a-Box. As one of Rocky Mountain Multimedia's first Kiosk-in-a-Box customers, I have seen the program improve dramatically, from being simply the best at first, to being so far ahead, with a multitude of useful features, that second place is not even a blip on the radar screen.

I never, ever recommend products to anyone. But Kiosk-in-a-Box is such a fine product, and Dave Heyliger is so committed to excellence, that I would feel guilty if I did not acknowledge that fact. In addition, I welcome any inquiries about Kiosk-in-a-Box or how it is being utilized flawlessly on my seven unattended kiosks. I feel it is the least I could do.

Robert Malt
President of Discover, Inc.

We have 10 Kiosks currently running on Kiosk-in-a-Box. They are running very stable without failure. Before Kiosk-in-a-Box we had hired a programmer to write a Kiosk program using HTML. We were spending a lot of money and it was taking to long and had major problems. We came across Kiosk-in-a-Box, downloaded it from the Internet and decided to give it a try.

Kiosk-in-a-Box has all the features that we needed, Touch to Dial, Print, Attract Sequences, and Touch Counters, already built in and ready to go. I programmed (and I am not a programmer) our Kiosk (200 screens) in about 2 weeks. It worked great! We scrapped our old program (which was still not working) and put Kiosk-in-a-Box on all our Kiosks.

Kiosk-in-a-Box is a business saver!

Dave Heyliger is always ready and willing to give a quick response by phone or E-mail to any questions. He is also open for suggestions on future versions of Kiosk-in-a-Box.

Thanks a lot Dave!

Kim R. Thompson
Owner / Graphic Artist
Information Systems of New Mexico

Lone Wolf
Rocky Mountain Multimedia      Est. 1994
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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All Rights Reserved.

Dave Heyliger

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" is a software application development tool that allows a non-programmer to quickly create fully functional interactive touch screen kiosk applications with drag and drop ease. This kiosk program assumes that the user has {at least a little bit of} exposure on how to generate computer kiosk graphics. All of our kiosk knowledge and expertise has been pre-programmed into this ready-to-go kiosk software development tool. All you need to do is add multimedia kiosk content: videos, sounds, text and graphics! Instantly create high impact Internet and/or local multimedia kiosks without programming yet include a wide variety of professional kiosk features. "Kiosk-in-a-Box" is the fast track, flexible kiosk solution for Schools, Government Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Shows, Advertisers, Malls - any business or organization that wants to create a multimedia-rich local and/or Internet kiosk application without spending a fortune for kiosk software development.