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For Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, and XP

Level 4

No Programming Required - Just Add Content

Great for Creating:

  • Internet/Intranet Kiosks
  • Image Capture Kiosks
  • Shopping Cart Kiosks
  • Photo E-Mail Kiosks
  • Database Kiosks
  • Tourism Kiosks
  • Survey Kiosks
  • ANY Kiosk!

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"Kiosk-in-a-Box" by Rocky Mountain Multimedia
lets you seamlessly mix a wide variety of content and
functionality with the ultimate in professional results!

Show Me What's New With Level 4

bullet A Brief Overview

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" is a software application development tool that allows a non-programmer to quickly create fully functional interactive touch screen kiosk applications with drag and drop ease. This program assumes that the user has {at least a little bit of} exposure on how to generate computer graphics.Kiosk

All of our kiosk knowledge and expertise has been pre-programmed into this ready-to-go software development tool. All you need to do is add multimedia content: videos, sounds, text and graphics! Instantly create high impact Internet and/or local multimedia kiosks without programming yet include a wide variety of professional features.

Show Me The Feature Details

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" is the fast track, flexible solution for Schools, Government Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Shows, Advertisers, Malls - any business or organization that wants to create a multimedia-rich local and/or Internet kiosk application without spending a fortune for software development.

Stop: Important Information!
Rocky Mountain Multimedia has the expertise, knowledge, design awareness, and tools to spearhead your initial kiosk project. You can probably save a lot of time and money by contracting RMM to develop your initial prototype. Tell Me More!

Applications that can be created with "Kiosk-in-a-Box" include:
  • Mall Kiosks
  • E-Mail Kiosks
  • Tourism Kiosks
  • Internet Kiosks
  • Intranet Kiosks
  • Directory Kiosks
  • Trade Show Kiosks
  • Photosticker Kiosks
  • Photo E-Mail Kiosks
  • Pay-Per-Printout Kiosks
  • Postcard Creation Kiosks
  • Charity / Donation Kiosks
  • Survey / Data Collection Kiosks
  • Remote Ordering / Purchasing Kiosks
  • Or a Combination of Any of the Above!

Eagle Soaring
Instant Kiosk Creation
for the Non-Programmer.

Just Add Content!

bullet Demo Screen Captures

If you like, check out the following online screen captures from the included demonstration kiosk you receive when you download "Kiosk-in-a-Box" Level 4. This demo kiosk has 6 separate sub-topics, including:

  • An "Intro" and "Action / Widget" demo
  • Four "Image Capturing" demos
  • Three "Database" demos
  • A "User Survey" demo
  • Five "Shopping Cart" demos
  • And an Internet / Intranet / E-Mail demo
Click on any of the thumbnails below to get a peek at the demo kiosk application you receive when you download "Kiosk-in-a-Box" Level 4:

Creating New ObjectsSurvey DemoScreen ComponentsDatabase Demo

Internet SurfingComposing E-MailImage CapturingCollecting Funds

bullet "Full" and "Light" Versions in One EXE

There are two versions of Kiosk-in-a-Box, and both are included in the same EXE. This gives you a chance to see which application will be right for you, and to selectively purchase the product that best suits your kiosk design needs.Kiosk

If you're "just surf'n the 'Net" or if your kiosk is a collection of local multimedia screens, then the "Light" version will be more than powerful for you since it contains every kind of feature you'd expect - or dream about - in a professional kiosk application.

However, if your kiosk is {also} going to collect user feedback into a database, display information from a database, capture a visitor's image, allow users to shop and take orders (non-web), collect money, or charge for printouts and/or usage, then your kiosk will require the "Full" version.

Which version is right for you will depend upon your application!

Show Me the Version Comparison Table

Nuts ? ? ?

Want All the Answers in a Nutshell?
Check Out the KBOX FAQ Pages!

bullet Download "Kiosk-in-a-Box" for Free!

Download "Kiosk-in-a-Box" for free. It contains both the "Full" and the "Light" version in the same executable, and it is the fully functional product. There is just one annoyance - an "exit to system" button that doesn't go away until you purchase the product. There is no time expiration on the product, so you can build your complete application for free before you decide to buy!

Note: You do NOT need a touch screen to run this software
but you MIGHT need to get "MDAC" (see below)

Fully Functional Version 4.00.07
  • Installs via an "InstallShield" Executable
  • Includes "Full/Light" Versions in one EXE
  • VB 6.0, SP 5 engine and components
  • Includes 6 Slick Demos
  • Includes "Cashier-in-a-Box"
  • Includes "Internet VIP"
  • Includes these updates
  • Get the Level 4 documentation below
  • Size / Date: 8.9MB on 01-013-03
Site "A"

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Complete Documentation (Level 4)
  • Well written - extremely informative
  • 118+ pages of recommended reading
  • MS-Word Office 2000 format
  • Excellent way to evaluate our software
  • Size / Date: 970Kb on 01-18-02
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Latest Revision Upgrade
  • Version 4.00.07
  • ZIP file format
  • Download if you already have Level 4
  • Contains the latest EXEs and instructions
  • Here are the patches
  • Size / Date: 529KB on 01-13-03
Site "A"

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Non-XP Users Who Need MDAC....

  • Windows '98 and some 2000 PCs will need MDAC
  • Download if the KBOX "Wizard" says you need it
  • Usually for '98 users only...
  • Size: 7.5MB
Site "A"

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Get the CD The RMM Software & Demo CD

Pricing Purchasing "Kiosk-in-a-Box"

You may purchase "Kiosk-in-a-Box" with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express!. Call us at 970.375.0004, or email the appropriate information to heyliger@rockmedia.com. Once purchased, you will receive some special codes via email that will remove the annoying "exit to system" button.

If you are purchasing this product with a company PO, please email the PO as an attachment to the above email address.

"Kiosk-in-a-Box" Level 4

  • Master License (first copy you buy)
    • Full Version: $495
    • Light Version: $295

  • Additional Site License{s} (each add'l)
    • Full Version: $125 each
    • Light Version: $75 each

  • Upgrades are free

  • Enterprise Licensing Available

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bullet Free Online Kiosk Resource Center

RMM has developed an online Kiosk Resource Center that has links to all sorts of classes, tips, hardware, enclosures, and touch screens. Can't find what you're looking for?

Check out the Kiosk Resource Center!

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